The MUSE Foundation of Rhode Island

"Rhode Island's First Foundation Built By & For Communities of Color"

The mission of The MUSE Foundation is to create opportunities designed to cultivate creativity and innovation in communities of color through philanthropic investment.



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Recognizing there is inadequate investment in communities of color and no existing foundation in the state of Rhode Island that is solely focused on empowering disadvantaged and communities of color, The MUSE Foundation of Rhode Island was created.

Often, communities of color are given handouts of resources for only short term solutions and absent strategic long term dedicated investment to make a significant impact. Additionally, there is a lack of opportunities for communities of color to invest in themselves and their communities through philanthropy. Through #MUSEofRI we have a chance to leave a legacy behind for the next generation with pride.

Our initiatives include proactive and impactful programming focused on Empowerment, Advocacy, Innovation and Scholarships (Educational/Professional Development/Entrepreneurial) for communities of color. Join our Facebook Group

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